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Where the Truth Lies

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Awards and Festivals

In the 50’s, Lanny Morris (Kevin Bacon) and Vince Collins (Academy Award™ winner Colin Firth) are the most beloved entertainers in America. A classic duo — Lanny is the manic comedian, while Vince is his cool and collected straight man—the (“boys”) know how to make audiences roar with laughter at their jokes, or shed tears at one of their famous telethons. They are at the top of their game, wealthy, powerful, and enormously popular, when something terrible happens to threaten their success: inexplicably, a dead beauty turns up in their hotel suite.


Produced by: 

Robert Lantos 

Written and Directed by: 

David Cronenberg

Based on the novel by:

Rupert Holmes



Kevin Bacon

Colin Firth

Alison Lohman

Rachel Blanchard

Cannes International Film Festival 

Official Selection in Competition 


Toronto International Film Festival 

Gala Presentation 

Canadian Screen Awards

Winner, Best Adapted Screenplay


Directors Guild of Canada Awards

Winner, Best Production Design 


"It's the stuff of grand intrigue, and Egoyan relishes it."


 - Peter Howell, The Toronto Star

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