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Serendipity Point Films

Serendipity Point Films was formed by acclaimed producer Robert Lantos, following the sale of his controlling interest in Alliance Communications, the publicly traded company he co-founded and of which he was Chair and CEO. Serendipity Point Films is a boutique production company focused on theatrical feature films and prestige television. Four Robert Lantos productions – The Sweet Hereafter, Being Julia, Eastern Promises, and Barney’s Version – have received Academy Award nominations, while Sunshine and Eastern Promises were nominated for Best Picture Golden Globes and Being Julia and Barney’s Version took home the Golden Globe statues for Best Actress and Best Actor, respectively. Nine films have been in the Official Cannes Selection, with The Sweet Hereafter, Adoration, and Crash receiving prizes. His most recent credit is Cannes Competition entry Crimes of the Future.


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