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Awards and Festivals

Sunshine is an epic romantic tale about one family’s secret passions, tragic betrayals and unbreakable bonds over three generations that span the twentieth century. At once witty, seductive and serious, the film enters a fascinating territory where desire, family, politics and entangled lovers converge. the story of the Sonnenschein (“Sunshine”) family’s rise and fall, loves and losses, unfolds against a backdrop of political turmoil and war, including the Holocaust and its aftermath. What emerges are both remarkable love stories and the saga of a Jewish family whose many longings include the dream of someday belonging.


Produced by: 

Robert Lantos

Directed by:

Istvan Szabo

Screenplay by:

Istvan Szabo and Israel Horovitz



Ralph Fiennes,

Rachel Weisz

Jennifer Ehle

Molly Parker

William Hurt


Golden Globes

Nominee, 3 Awards including Best Picture

European Film Awards

Winner, 3 Awards including Best Actor

Toronto International Film Festival

Gala Selection  

Political Film Society

Winner, Best Film

National Board of Review Awards

Winner, Top 10 Films

Canadian Screen Awards

Winner, 3 Awards including Best Picture

Satellite Awards

Winner, Best Supporting Actress

Writers Guild of Canada Awards

Winner, Best Screenplay

"There's no denying the rare ambition of a film with intelligence and empathy to burn: You go in expecting a history lesson and emerge impressed by the shifting hues of humanity." 


 - Matt Wolf, The Associated Press

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