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Adoration speaks to our connections---with each other, with our family history, with technology and with the modern world.

High school student Simon (Devon Bostick) is caught up in family history, technology and a shocking and explosive lie that intertwines the lives of his uncle (Scott Speedman) and his French teacher (Arsinée Khanjian), while forcing him to reconcile conflicting memories of his deceased parents

Awards and Festivals

Cannes International Film Festival 

Winner, Ecumenical Prize                                                 

Toronto International Film Festival 

Winner, Best Canadian Feature Film 

Canadian Screen Awards

Nominee, 2 Awards including

Best Screenplay

Produced by: 

Atom Egoyan,

Simone Urdl

Jennifer Weiss

Executive Produced by: 

Robert Lantos

Written and Directed by:

Atom Egoyan


Arsinee Khanjian

Scott Speedman

Rachel Blanchard

"Adoration is a delicate rumination on how innocence and truth evolve in the aftermath of catastrophe, as people stake emotional ownership in tragedy." 

- Dan Zak, Washington Post

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