Aida Tannyan

Aida Tannyan has been directly involved for the past twenty-seven years in Canada’s film and television industries with a special focus on finance and operations.  Initially within the television distribution field, as Controller at Telegenic Programs, Inc. and currently as VP of Finance at Serendipity Point Films Inc. – one of Canada’s most prolific film and television production companies.   During this period of time, Ms. Tannyan has had the opportunity to develop a wide range of knowledge and expertise across virtually the entire spectrum of content, development, financing, production and distribution – both domestically and internationally.

In February of 2000, Ms. Tannyan joined Serendipity Point Films Inc. as Head of Finance, and has since overseen the financial affairs related to Serendipity’s projects during development, production and post production. Ms. Tannyan is responsible for all financing and commercial matters relating to Serendipity’s financial activities generally. These include, overseeing all financial operations of Serendipity’s dependent and independent related companies, as well as being instrumental in the preparation and analysis of all production finance strategies and profiles, and in implementing international collection account management structures and oversight of third-party collection agencies.

Ms. Tannyan is also directly involved in sales contracts and distribution agreements, and is responsible for ongoing financial reporting to equity investors, government agencies and regulators, broadcast partners, etc. Working with the business and legal affairs department, Ms. Tannyan is responsible for facilitating Serendipity’s securing of financing from both domestic and international sources. (i.e. its engagement of domestic and international distributors and sales agents, and its establishing of revenue collection mechanisms).

Ms. Tannyan is also one of the primary contacts for Serendipity’s financing partners, bankers, government auditors and domestic and foreign accounting professionals, Canadian and international production and distribution audit and tax advisors, and Serendipity’s various independent production staff.

Ms. Tannyan lives in Toronto with her husband and two children.