Wendy Saffer

Wendy Saffer has two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. As Vice President, Communications, Wendy manages all corporate communications efforts, she is responsible for the marketing and promotion of Serendipity Point Films’ key properties and also deals with domestic and international distributors, broadcasters and Film Festivals worldwide.

Wendy began her career in front of the camera at an early age in Johannesuburg, South Africa, and later worked as an agent with  some of South Africa’s most prominent actors.  Shortly after moving to Toronto, Canada in 1987, she joined Alliance Communications, after some years she became part of the communications team and was responsible for corporate communications,  various initiatives surrounding Festivals and special events. In 1999, following  Alliance’s merger with Atlantis, Wendy moved to Serendipity Point Films as part of Robert Lantos’ core team, continuing their long-standing collaboration.