Based on the Giller-Award-winning novel, THROUGH BLACK SPRUCE is a story of identity and survival. It’s set against what is perhaps Canada’s most glaring open wound: decades of unresolved murders and disappearances of indigenous women and girls.

The disappearance of a young Cree woman named SUZANNE BIRD triggers events in two worlds: in Moosonee, the remote Northern Ontario community she fled years ago, and Toronto, where she modelled for a while before vanishing into the ether.

Her family is desperate. So her sister ANNIE — a fiercely-independent hunter who always resented her weaker twin — reluctantly heads south to retrace Suzanne’s steps. She soon finds herself drawn into the glittering “artists and models” scene her sister left behind. Back in Moosonee, her uncle WILL is left to cope with the consequences of Suzanne’s disappearance… and comes up against the ghosts of his own private tragedy.

The two worlds finally collide when the fallout from the missing woman’s troubled life comes to a head.