Leo (played by Ryan Kwanten) and Colette (played by Sara Canning) getting close in THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG
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Leo (played by Ryan Kwanten) rides his bicycle alongside Danny’s hummer in THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG
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Leo (played by Ryan Kwanten) outside the bookstore where Julie’s new book is displayed and reads her book in THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG
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Leo (played by Ryan Kwanten)and Tess (Catherine O’Hara) watch Colette and Danny exchange wedding vows in church in THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG
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Leo (played by Ryan Kwanten) takes off on the hang glider, his friends Neil (played by Will Sasso) and Jill (played by Jennifer Baxter) try and stop him in THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG
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Colette (played by Sara Canning) looks back at Leo in THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG
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The Right Kind of Wrong


In this new romantic comedy, The Right Kind of Wrong, Leo Palamino is a failed-writer-turned-dishwasher made famous for his many flaws and shortcomings in a blog called “Why You Suck,” a huge Internet success written by his ex-wife. Then Leo meets Colette, the girl of his dreams… on the day she is marrying the perfect man. And so, the ultimate underdog story begins as Leo, a fearless dreamer, risks all to show Colette and the whole wide world all that is right with a man famous for being wrong.


Leo Palamino has dedicated his life to what some may call impossible dreams. At least his ex-wife Julie would call them that. But Leo is an expert at not listening to her criticism or anyone else’s for that matter because Leo is a stubborn romantic… An idealist. A dreamer. And to dream big, impossible dreams you can’t listen to the people who tell you that’s what those dreams are.

It is precisely this refusal to listen to criticism that drove his ex-wife Julie to blog about Leo’s flaws as their relationship broke down. A blog … called Why You Suck that would become a cultural phenomenon. And so when we meet Leo Palamino, he is a romantic dreamer, a dedicated writer, a dishwasher in a tourist trap, and a celebrity…

A man famous for his flaws.

Then one afternoon, as the very dejected Leo watches Julie being interviewed on a talk show about her upcoming book, he lays eyes on the woman of his (impossible) dreams…
Colette is on her way into a wedding across the street from Leo’s house.

Her wedding.

But when she punts a football and looks his way… for Leo, the world moves. And Leo is enough of a dreamer to act on this seemingly impossible impulse. So he goes to the wedding. Here, he meets the bride’s mom, TESS, who tells him about her own doubts about the marriage… all fuel to Leo’s fire. Cornering Colette, Leo unabashedly explains that they are each other’s destiny. After Colette punches Leo, her new husband Danny (a successful lawyer and star athlete) and his pack of affluent friends eject him dramatically. And so begins a war between a determined outsider and the ‘establishment’ of this tourist town.

Convinced Colette is his soul mate, Leo goes on the ‘unconventional tours’ that she leads in the scenic town of Mount Yalo and doggedly observes her secret daily rituals. He invites her anonymously to witness him in action – in his job as a dishwasher ‘with themes.’ In the process he discovers that Colette is an outsider, like himself, with a wicked sense of humor and a passion for speaking her mind.

In Leo’s war to win Colette’s heart, he gets beat up by kids, loses his home, his job, and (temporarily) his cat. But Leo’s enduring charm resides in his complete lack of cynicism, and utter faith in a love that everyone else thinks is impossible.

Leo’s pursuit of Colette also changes Leo himself. Because when he discovers Colette has read Julie’s book… he reads it to know what he is up against. And taking in Julie’s complaints, he is finally forced to face the ways he let Julie down. And the ways that his refusal to listen to others — has let others in his life down too. Including himself.

To prove Julie’s book wrong …with a big demonstrative gesture… Leo decides to overcome his life long fear of heights and fly from a mountain to Danny and Colette’s house in a hang glider. Unfortunately, the gesture goes disastrously wrong and he crashes into their dream home — and takes Danny’s best friends, The Troys, with him.

This ill-advised, crazy act, seen by everyone in town… that does impress Colette somewhat. Especially since she is slowly discovering that being the wife of a conventionally ‘perfect’ guy is threatening her own way of life.

And though Leo has demonstrated that he will give up anything for Colette, including his own safety… when Danny threatens the fate of one of his best friends, Leo will not risk the lives of others…

Which is what really shows Colette what Leo is made of. And though their ultimate coming together is nothing close to the romantic ideal that Leo dreamed of…

It is far, far more interesting.