Created, written by and starring Brigitte Bako, G-Spot is a frank, sexy, and hysterical glimpse into the romantic misadventures and career of a one-time acting prodigy whose early roles in critically acclaimed films have since given way to an ever-growing stint as a late-night, B-movie star.  “Gigi”, played by Bako,  is determined to make an all-out comeback: in her career and with men. Tag along with our uproarious heroine “Gigi” as she shares her sexual conquests, embarrassing auditions and various pitfalls from which she always rises, never seriously deterred, to re-define herself as an actress and as a woman.


In the pantheon of starry-eyed youth that is modern-day celebrity, one woman is fighting to prove that career, love, and spine-tingling orgasms need not end at thirty.  On the contrary: for our heroine, the fun is just beginning.

Meet Gigi – “G” for short.  A Canadian expatriate residing in sunny L.A., this charming and uninhibited actress is on a mission to resurrect her faltering career…and perhaps find true love – or at least a reliable vibrator – in the process.

Closely based on the life and romantic misadventures of its creator, actress Brigitte Bako, G-Spot is an honest, sexy, and hysterical glimpse into the mind of a one-time acting prodigy, whose early roles in critically acclaimed films have since given way to an ever-growing stint as a late-night, B-movie star.  But, with the help of her loving (if relatively unstable) group of friends, this fallen star is determined to redefine herself as an actress, and as a woman.

If only the road to self-fulfillment were not so full of potholes.  For one thing, she’s still desperately in love with The World’s Biggest Player: her aptly named ex-boyfriend, Payne, whose sexual conquests are quickly reaching Cassanovian heights.  Not to mention that her once-promising acting career has turned into a laundry list for young boys resigned to self-gratification.  To make matters worse, her mother – the one person that she’s always relied on to guide her through the rough spots – has passed away.  As Gigi would say: “something has gone terribly wrong.”

But now, after taking a hiatus to overcome the shock of losing her mother and her lover, Gigi is determined to make a comeback: in her career and her life.  She’s charming ruthless casting agents; shooting bathtub scenes with mechanical snakes; throwing out old mattresses (and their bad omens), and scouring every nook, cranny and Home Depot that she can find in search of the one man who can make her feel whole once again.

So tag along with Gigi as she braves embarrassing auditions, awkward flings, and daily trips to Tae-Bo, all in a last-ditch effort to make sense of what she was, what she is, and what she promises to be.

This is G-Spot.  Every woman’s got one.  Now finding it…that’s the tricky part.