ANNOUNCES PROJECTS WITH   ACADEMY AWARD® NOMINEE ROLAND JOFFE AND GILLER PRIZE WINNER JOSEPH BOYDEN   ALYSE ROSENBERG JOINS AS VICE PRESIDENT, TELEVISION DEVELOPMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 22, 2015  – Ari Lantos, Vice President of Production announced today the hiring of Alyse Rosenberg as Vice President,  Television Development.  Alyse Rosenberg will oversee development […]

Starring Academy Award® Winner Christopher Plummer Directed by Academy Award® Nominee Atom Egoyan Produced by Golden Globe Nominee Robert Lantos FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  –  July 14,  2014 –  Principal photography commences today  on “Remember,” a compelling thriller in which the darkest chapter of the 20th century collides with a contemporary mission of revenge.  “Remember” is […]

IM Global’s specialty label Acclaim sold the film, which will star Christopher Plummer. by Rebecca Ford, The Hollywood Reporter, 05/28/2014 Atom Egoyan‘s Remember, which will star Christopher Plummer, has sold to numerous territories around the world. Egoyan, who was in Cannes with his competition film The Captive, will direct the thriller, which centers on “the […]


By: Martin Knelman, The Toronto Star, Entertainment, Published on Wed Apr 30 2014 As soon as he read the unsolicited script by an unknown writer, Robert Lantos knew two things. First, it was the veteran Canadian producer’s destiny to make this movie, even though it would be tough to get it done. Two, Christopher Plummer, […]

Robert Lantos & Atom Egoyan

 Director Atom Egoyan and Producer Robert Lantos reteam for this emotionally charged contemporary thriller FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 30, 2014 – “Remember” is produced by Ari Lantos (producer of “Stage Fright,” “The Right Kind of Wrong”) and Robert Lantos (Producer of Academy Award® and Golden Globe Nominated “Barney’s Version,” “Eastern Promises”).  Academy Award® Nominated […]

3 weeks to go! Stage Fright opens in theatres across North America on May 9 from Magnet Releasing (in the US) and Entertainment One Films (in Canada) – check it out, if you dare. REVIEWS SCARE TISSUE “Stage Fright – Horror Film Follies,” Scott Dodson, April 24, 2014. ZOMBIES DON’T RUN “Stage Fright (2014) […]

LEGLESS CORPSE STAGE FRIGHT: A Genre Melting Horror Musical That You Won’t Forget By Chad Armstrong April 9, 2014 Unique /yo͞oˈnēk/ -being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else… That definition should have a picture of the Stage Fright poster next to it. Unique isn’t a word we normally use to describe […]

The reviews keep coming in… Stage Fright opens in theatres across North America on May 9 from Magnet Releasing (in the US) and Entertainment One Films (in Canada) – check it out, if you dare. REVIEWS INFLUX MAGAZINE “Stage Fright,” Martin Hafer, April 7, 2014. THY CRITIC MAN “Stage Fright (2014) Review,” Thy Critic […]

Check out these interviews and featurettes with the cast and crew. The build up to Stage Fright’s North American theatrical release on May 9, 2014 has us all on the edge of our seats. And the anticipation is killing us… ONLINE CRAVE ONLINE “Stage Fright: Jerome Sable & Eli Batalion on Soundtracks and Meat Loaf,” […]


Stage Fright had its World Premiere as part of the Midnighters lineup at SXSW 2014 and the results are in. According to one reviewer: “Think The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Friday the 13th, with ample doses of Dimebag Darrell level shreddage, and you’ve got the formula for a face-melting horror musical ripe with infectious energy and […]