March 27, 2002 – Toronto – Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution and Serendipity Point Films announced today that Men with Brooms has become the top-grossing English-Canadian homegrown film in two decades with $3.225,000 dollars of box office in its first 19 days of Canadian theatrical release

In less than 3 weeks Men With Brooms has surpassed many English Canadian box office landmarks such as Sunshine $996,500; New Waterford Girls $848,000; Hanging Garden $801,000; Margaret’s Museum $914,700; Crash $1,554,200; Black Robe $2,584,900; eXistenz $1,566,700; Johnny Mnemonic $2,816,900; In Praise of Older Women $2,100,000, And The Red Violin $3,378,800.

“The audiences overwhelmingly positive reaction to this film continues to propel the film’s box office and will most definitely resonate into the home video and television markets,” says Jim Sherry, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution.

“It goes without saying that I am pleased with the films continuing success with Canadian audiences. I think the best news is that Men With Broom’s top grossing theatres are not in downtown Toronto or Montreal. Instead the top results come from places where Canadian films have never worked such as the Silvercity-Edmonton, Silvercity-Gloucester, Kanata – Kanata; Queensway-Etobicoke; Silvercity-Sudbury; Capitol-Saskatoon; Silvercity-St Vital-Manitoba; Silvercity-Coquitlam-BC; Bayers Lake-Halifax; Capitol-Brandon; Galaxy-Conestoga Mall –Waterloo and many others. What this shows is that Canadian films appeal to mainstream domestic audiences and successfully compete head on with Hollywood blockbusters in the local mall” said Robert Lantos, producer of the film.