Cover Me, the provocative new six-hour dramatic miniseries from Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. and Serendipity Point Films airs on CBC Television on September 26th, 27th and 28th from 8:00 pm – 10:00pm with two one-hour episodes back-to-back each night.

The series stars Quebec television sensation Caroline Neron (Reseau) as “Pascale Laurier”, and Colin Ferguson (Then Came You) as “Corporal Andrew Chase”. She’s Quebecois, he’s from Alberta. She’s bilingual, he’s not. She’s sexy and brazen, he’s cool and cautious. She’s hip, he’s square. She’s CSIS, he’s RCMP. Now they find themselves working together to combat international terrorism on Canadian soil. They have nothing in common except their contempt for Toronto where they wind up being stationed.

Cover Me is a terrific example of how Canadians can make intense dramas that are smart and sexy. In the series, Caroline and Colin get an opportunity to reveal much more than Canadians have seen in the past on TV.” says Seaton McLean, President, Alliance Atlantis Television Production.

They are the two nations, the two solitudes – the two halves of the peaceable kingdom that is now splitting apart. He is appalled by her separatist sympathies. She is bored by his old fashioned Canadian patriotism. They will never get along. They make a perfect team.

Cover Me is about having fun with our national archetypes by pitting them against each other and heating them up to the boiling point.” comments executive producer Robert Lantos.

Cover Me heats up when the tempestuous Laurier teams up with the analytical Corporal Chase to capture a high-ranking government “mole”, possibly secreted in the upper ranks of the federal government.

The series also stars multi-Gemini award-winning actor Jackie Burroughs (Road To Avonlea) as “Caitlin Crawford”, Laurier’s confidante and her resolute superior in CSIS; and Philip Craig (Boy In Blue) as “Gareth Endicott”, Chase’s stern mentor and RCMP senior officer.

Robert Lantos and Peter Lauterman (North Of 60) are executive producers; Mark Winemaker (Eerie Indiana) is producer; and Stacey Stewart Curtis (Cold Squad) and Marc Voizard (Psi Factor: Chronicles Of The Paranormal) share the director’s role.